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LFLAVIER graphic artist


Made the required modifications to the client's digital files including color adjustments and editing in order to prepare them for printing in offset and large formats.

Large Format Printing

Here are a few billboards that I enhanced and adjusted for printing in large formats, and aided throughout the printing process to achieve the finest possible output.

The original product shot for this poster has red lettuce in it. After giving the proof. The client decided to just change the color of the red lettuce to green to match the surrounding vegetables. After some image editing and color correction. The client approved the final artwork and given to printers for production.

Chicken Sandwich

The client asked for the image of their crispy chicken sandwich to be edited to make it look even crispier. The image was changed to meet their request and was approved before being included in the final artwork for their menu board.

The client requested that their existing crispy chicken sandwich image to have it more of a crispier texture look. So the image was edited to satisfy the client’s needs. The revised version was approved and was added to the final artwork of their translite menu board.

Super Salad

The poster's initial image features red lettuce. However, after reviewing the proof, the client opted to modify the red lettuce's color to green to complement the neighboring vegetables. Following image editing and color correction, the client confirmed the final version, which was then handed over to the printers for production.


I made some adjustments to the color and made it appear as if the local magicians were magically shuffling cards in the air. The result was utilized in an article for FHM Philippines magazine showcasing these performers.


My work encompasses various projects, including motion graphics, web design, and designing for print media like posters, magazines, and logos.

Tso's Kitchen

I developed a website for a Chinese restaurant as the culmination of my web design education. employing Flash animation for the header, I utilized HTML and CSS to design the remaining sections of the site. To evoke a sense of luck associated with Chinese culture, I incorporated a red background and merged it with the restaurant's distinctive colors and enticing photographs. The intention was to stimulate viewers' appetites and create an irresistible desire to dine at the restaurant.

Poster design for a coffee shop launching their new signature fruit drinks called the Frappease. To give a fresh and island sensation look. A lively, elegant and with a bit of tropical feel typeface was used for the headline. Client provided the logo, copy and photo.


The task at hand was to create a poster design for a coffee shop introducing their newest fruit drinks named Frappease. The goal was to convey a fresh and tropical vibe, achieved through the use of a lively and elegant font with a slight tropical touch in the headline. The client provided the logo, copy, and photograph.

Alphabet Teddy Logo

I designed a logo for a fast food chain that offers a free toy every month with their kids meal. My design included the bear's ears as a recognizable part of the teddy bear. I used a rounded font similar to the letters the teddy bears hold. I also used different colors in the word "ALPHABET" to match the colors of the teddy bear toys.

Logo design for a fast food chain for its free toy of the month included in every kids meal. In this design I incorporated the bears ears into the logo as it is a recognizable feature of the teddy bear. Used a rounded font to match the type of letters the teddy bears are holding. And made the word ALPHABET in different colors representing the colors of the teddy bear toys.
Performed graphic art techniques such as design, layout and color correction for this magazines, print ads and souvenir programs.

Print Media

I utilized various graphic art skills, which included designing, arranging, and adjusting color, to create magazines, printed advertisements and souvenir programs.

Motion Graphics

This reel showcases a selection of motion graphics I created for digital menu boards of various clients. Adobe After Effects was used for 2D animation and special effects, while Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator were utilized for editing graphics and images.



With years of experience in printing and publishing companies, I am a highly skilled and professional freelance graphic artist. I have successfully completed courses in web interface design, web authoring, and rich media design at the First Academy of Computer Arts. At present, I primarily focus on creating designs and motion graphics for digital menu boards of diverse clients. However, I am also open to undertaking various other design projects. If you appreciate my work, kindly get in touch by completing the contact form provided.


Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Lightroom

Adobe After Effects

Final Cut Pro




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